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(AP) – For the first time in six years, Boy Scouts of Genesee County and the Midwest will have the opportunity to learn to sail and how to live out on. from rigging sails to cooking aboard. To truly live aboard the boat.” The Michigan.

The Whitby 42 is a rugged-looking, full keeled, heavy displacement cruiser designed by Ted Brewer in 1973 but lacking the “Brewer bite” that improved the.

PORTLAND, Maine — Krystin Noyes had never imagined living on a boat, but last fall she became one of the few, proud and hardy souls that make up Maine’s year-round live-aboard community. aboard a 32-foot wooden sailboat,

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I lost all my stuff – my paperwork, generator, clothes, guitar, GPS, water maker, solar panel. David Wilson, whose 35-foot live-aboard sailboat was destroyed after Hurricane Irma hit Dinner Key Sailors were calculating what it would cost.

One look the Coast 34 with her distinctive canoe stern takes us back to the mid 1970s and the work of Bob Perry who made the style outrageously popular. The Coast 34.

Its been a few months since Ben and I have lived aboard our own boat and I'm starting to feel very disconnected. While we are working on boats, and living aboard while we work, it just isn't the same. I'm eager to find our new home. I know many people have been asking what we are looking for, so here. Read More.

The 100-foot liveaboard dive yacht will sail from Nassau and visit Exuma, Eleuthera and Little San Salvador. Divers can participate in up to five dives a day. The yacht is part of Miami-based Dancer Fleet’s inventory of luxury liveaboards.

Arms flailing in the whitecaps, his head swallowed in the waves, Lopez barely made it 100 yards to Clarington Island, a sliver of land that acts as a wind break for the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. is a member of the live-aboard colony.

Jan 19, 2013. Im new to the liveaboard idea. I have been researching boats, watching videos, and reading blogs/forms. It is something I definitely want to do but the only problem that not a lot of people talk about is the job situation. I would love to take off for 2 weeks – a month and sail around, but what can I do to make.

SDSA offers professional Sailing instruction, ASA sailing certification, bareboat charters, liveaboard cruises, and yacht charters.

Oct 27, 2017. For the last few years, A Life Aboard has found a welcoming home at the Bangor Daily News. The community of bloggers and support from BDN has been fantastic and I have learned a lot! Nonetheless, the time has come, that I have decided to migrate back to my personally hosted site, which can be […].

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My 2018 wedding season started out in a very special way. While it’s an honor be to be hired by any couple to capture their big day, it’s even more exciting when.

Aug 5, 2015. Boats and Outboards has just published its Top 20 liveaboard sailing blogs list. Some you may agree with, some you won't. We managed to squeeze in.

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – Fred Karlton told a House committee Thursday he has lined up a row of sailboats to separate his backyard. law that prohibits local governments from preventing liveaboards or “cruising boats” from.

Apr 21, 2014. As a liveaboard on a boat you need to practice at home and these simple demonstrations will equip you for life afloat with real liveaboard knowledge.

Slappin Halyards is an Instagram feed of our latest photo moments into our personal life aboard a sailboat along the West Coast of North America.

Just as disturbing are the liveaboard boaters they say dump buckets of human waste. Broward County recently paid $18,000 to remove two sunken sailboats. Submerged boats leak fuel and oil and potentially impact seagrasses and.

and The Moorings live-aboard catamaran vacations in the Abacos and Exumas, provide guests the unique opportunity.

Living on a boat is a dream for many people. Here are some things to consider before making your decision.

LIVE ABOARD BLOGS & FORUMS. Live aboard blogs and forums on the internet are virtual communities where people share their thoughts and ideas about living aboard a boat. At any given time, thousands of boat owners are living and cruising in various parts of the world. In recent years, the advent of the internet has.

Some couples make sailing a great family activity, and some even live aboard, complete with kids, educating their children as they sail from port to port. But often the sailing passion of one spouse (usually but not always the.

Cherrie Wiles was in a panic Sunday as she watched the tide rise on the sandbar in the Beaufort River and overflow the Opal May, the 32-foot trawler she and husband Sparky Jones call home. But then help — or a miracle, as she calls it.

For the next three days, Seattle Times photographer Erika Schultz and I, along with 15 other women, will live aboard the historic schooner Zodiac and get schooled on all things sailing. Twelve crew members, five of whom are men, will be.

Our fresh water pump keeps running even when we’re not using water and it’s driving me nuts! October 22, 2014 3 Comments

The ultimate liveaboard sailing courses from global top 20 ASA sailing school Nautilus Sailing. Gain your ASA certifications in a week long vacation.

Others are drawn to liveaboard life for more pragmatic reasons. Take Jim Wolcott, a 51-year-old freelance writer and Web designer who lives on his Cal 29 sailboat at the La Conner Marina. His boat is a scaled-down version of a.

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) – A couple attempting to outrun Hurricane Irene were rescued Saturday in the Chesapeake Bay as their sailboat was battered by 6- to 8-foot seas and winds gusting to 45 mph, rescue officials said. Unable to launch.

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For the last decade, Ocean Watch (ex-Danzante III) has been utilized as a marine-science research platform and live-aboard cruising boat off the coast of Baja California. The Around the Americas sailboat Ocean Watch, which.

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We often get asked about the cost of sailing. In fact if you go on any sailing forum you'll see pages and pages of threads dedicated to discussions about what it costs to sail full-time. Several fellow sailing bloggers have written great posts about this and the general consensus is: It costs as much as you want it to cost.

I thought this might be a natural conversation-starter here on Write on the Water, since some of the authors and many of the readers are actual liveaboards.

and The Moorings live-aboard catamaran vacations in the Abacos and Exumas, provide guests the unique opportunity.

Good morning from the Mediterranean, We are a family who sold everything they own 4 years ago to buy a boat to live aboard whilst we sail around the world slowly. If you want to do things properly then don't look at our blogs as we are always getting into trouble and messing things up. We would be honoured if you could.

has in fact been instrumental in helping to shape my new dream of retiring in seven to 10 years and sailing to the Marquesas Islands with my husband, where we will settle into island life as we live aboard our boat. It is true that we.

Oct 30, 2009. Just a few of the things I like after living on my sailboat for the last 8 years;. 1. Having my morning coffee, watching the sunrise while dolphins are playing around the boat in the quiet of the morning. 2. When we invite fellow cruisers over for a sundowner it only takes a couple of minutes to clean the boat (it's.

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The dinghy that came with our sailboat is plush.too plush for our around the world sailing adventures. So, we’re swapping it out for something practical.

Jan 1, 2017. When the idea of living aboard a sailboat first came to me, it was early 2002. The internet was alive, but just beginning to grow. WordPress, as a content engine, wasn't even on the horizon. “Blogs” were not around, although the first beginnings were present. So where did one turn to for information?

Norms Thursday door challange is back and this week I have both a blend of nautical boats doors and as usual as we are in Europe I have old doors. really old doors. Categories adventure, blogging, body and mind, cancer, culinare, face and body, food, fruit, gallery, health, live aboard, nature, organic, photography,

Living aboard a boat is “good living and you meet good people,” said Joe Kovacs, a retired engineer who bought his 32-foot sailboat in the British Virgin. The only trouble is, his live aboard lifestyle is illegal in Georgia, which currently.

Before embarking on a sailboat liveaboard lifestyle we went through some serious soul-searching and risk evaluation. Here's the process we followed.

Now, hate is a strong word. I really wouldn’t say we hate anything about living aboard, but dislike isn’t really the opposite of love (our last post).

But it makes solid sense for her and the hundreds of other homeowners who live, often affordably, in dockside floating homes like this one or aboard their powerboats or sailboats in marinas. $400 berthing fee, $250 liveaboard fee and.

Traveling to the Similan Islands is easy and can be done from all over Thailand within one day. You can take the plane, bus, sailboat or speedboat.

POWER BOAT. Of all the types of liveaboard boats, power boats give you the most living space per foot of boat length. They have a lot of space above the waterline.

Mar 2, 2010. Hey you two, my name is Charlie and I just found your blog by accident while looking for used sailboats. I'm so glad I did!. My husband & I live aboard a 34' sailboat July-Oct for the last 4 years. We live in a. I'm a member of "Sailing and cruising with kids" and Liveaboard sailing families". You are also.

The Stewart is destroyer escort (one of only two remaining in the world) and serves as a memorial to all DE sailors. The park also has on display the sail from the USS Tautog SSN 639 which stands as a memorial to cold war submarine.

Blue Turtle Trawler is a blog about living a board a 40′ DeFever trawler. Here we research live aboard marinas in southwest Florida.

Jan 5, 2017. Peek inside a real family liveaboard boat. We've been on and off of the water for years now and I still have huge issues when it comes to spacial concepts and getting an idea of what the interior of a boat looks like just by seeing the outside of it. I also am not a “know it all” when it comes to boats; spit out a.

$29.95 for Both Paperback Books When the Water Calls. We Follow and Women On Board Cruising (Regularly $44.90 for both books) Included in the Blog Reader’s Special.

Tales (not just) from the high seas. One of the biggest and longest running sailing blogs. Check out our youtube channel for action and travel adventure.

Our Catalina 34 sailboat is for sale! Maybe you’ll be the new owner, or maybe you have a friend who is in the market for a cruising sailboat!

family cruising blogs. It's amazing how many families on boats are blogging their lives afloat. I craved reports from the big blue on what it was really like to go cruising before we. Most of these are cruisers, but there are a few liveaboards too: we face similar issues, and it's all good information to help with feeding the dream.