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Nov 13, 2012. Depending on how invested you are in your site, and just how customized you want it to be – there's a perfect platform for you!. Tumblr. Free; Micro-blogging platform; Easy to follow and re-blog content from your favorite Tumblrs; Simple pre-designed post formats like text, photo, video, quote and chat.

“We’d like this Tumblr to be a huge collaborative storytelling effort — a place for people across the country to share what’s going on in our respective corners of it,” campaign officials wrote on the site. They touted one of the major.

Dec 28, 2017  · Some users allow anyone to read their Tumblr while others restrict blog viewing to approved followers. Thanks! Yes No. How can I like a post on Tumblr?

10. Tag your blog posts. If your content management system has a space for tags, use them! Most free blogging sites, like WordPress, have a strong community.

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Aug 25, 2017. Like with other similar solutions, if your site is hosted with Squarespace on their subdomain, you don't have full control over the site. Squarespace can. Tumblr allows you to submit short-form content (short blog posts, articles, quotes, images , videos) and publish it on a microblog. You can also connect.

Static sites are great. the <Bio /> tag in the same file src/templates/blog-post.js. Replace YOUR_API_KEY with the actual API key for your Just Comments account. The end result looks something like this:

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Aug 8, 2016. Before we get started I want to issue my usual word of warning about free blogs like Tumblr, Blogger and While these services have many. If you want to tweak your site to boost conversions or change the layout you won't have access to the backend code. You don't fully own it. This is the.

WordPress Post Order Plugin Do want to learn how to install a WordPress plugin? You can install a WordPress plugin using plugin search, upload a plugin, and manual FTP install method. Feb 16, 2012. This plugin creates two new template tags — next_post_link_plus and previous_post_link_plus — which are upgraded versions of the core WordPress next_post_link and previous_post_link template tags.

Other sites provide anonymous. I haven’t tried Tumblr yet with my students, but I am playing with it into my own work. As a platform, Tumblr advertises itself as “microblogging” but feels to me like a culture-dedicated version of Facebook,

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Nov 18, 2015. This becomes the name of your blog, which essentially acts as your profile or site address. It can be viewed by anyone by default, and it lives at the unique URL created during sign-up ( You can add a custom URL later if you'd like, or can hide the site behind a password to make.

Sites like Business Insider. sphere as well, with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter becoming the preferred mode for oversharing, the sharing sort of being the point, and aggregation. To establish the very basics, the personal blog took.

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Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about "friends backstabbing friends", "cheating exes", or "cast members exiting shows" on low-brow websites like hollywoodlife that. websites and blogs don’t understand. That is.

Privacy or reading permissions can be set to make your blog private and visitors by invitation only making it a members only site. LIKE: Easy to publish with Evernote App. Easy to share again via Evernote to Twitter and Facebook while the ability to import from Blogger and Tumblr meant that you can start using

Launched in 2008, Posterous– like its archrival Tumblr — pioneered the "microblogging" space. Its specialty is content that’s longer than a tweet but shorter than a traditional blog post. The services are especially good for sharing photos,

Aug 31, 2009  · I love alot of peoples Tumblr site set ups and the people on there, but when I signed up and made my own, my mind just wasn’t able to quite grasp how to.

Dec 28, 2017  · Some users allow anyone to read their Tumblr while others restrict blog viewing to approved followers. Thanks! Yes No. How can I like a post on Tumblr?

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Nov 2, 2017. Hi, Sharjeel here and in this post, i am going to tell some cool free blogging sites with the help of these sites, you can create free blogs. I am using wordpress. org and self-hosted blogging platform and in you can create the free blog with its subdomain like. You can use Tumblr to make:.

Tumblr is a huge blogging platform where you can create and maintain a blog (or several blogs) with minimal hassle and work. While the photo blog concept existed.

While you create your own customizable Tumblr blog, context-based design that’s very similar to the. Digital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the.

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Oct 23, 2017. They can use Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and similar networks to start a blog in less than fifteen minutes and start sharing their brilliance with the world. So what does a personal blogger write about? Everything. Some will focus on a particular interest, such as a hobby. Some will focus on something they.

The 8 best blogging platforms to start a blog include WordPress, Tumblr, It offers similar features in terms. Are you a fan of any of the blogging platforms.

The new power would cover both social media posts and entire websites devoted.

Feb 12, 2017. Blogger is a great platform to build a basic blog because it gives you the freedom to customize the design of your website however you like and even monetize your website with ads for free. However, there's only a limited number of themes available for Blogger websites and most of those template designs.

Nov 3, 2014. You share it on your social media profiles, tell a few friends to promote it and then repost the exact same blog post on other sites like Medium and LinkedIn. Want to get. Great article,but makes we wonder about the WordPress ability to share new posts content to Tumblr, Facebook and similar linked sites.

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Feb 24, 2014. See which blogging platform you should choose for your author website: WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger. Make sure to take advantage of Jetpack, WordPress' ready-to-go toolkit of awesome widgets and plugins so you can easily add things like Facebook like boxes and Twitter streams to your sidebar in a.

Check out our comparison guide on the best free blog sites, Multiple Blog Management. Tumblr’s basic Control Panel makes managing multiple blogs effortless.

MICROBLOGGING APPS AND SITES. Tumblr is like a cross between a blog and Twitter: It's a streaming scrapbook of text, photos, and/or video and audio clips. Users create and follow short blogs, or "tumblogs," that can be seen by anyone online (if they're made public). Many teens have tumblogs for personal use: sharing.

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Feb 20, 2011. Long-form blogs were once the outlet of choice, but now sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are favored.

Aug 7, 2017. A comprehensive list of the best Tumblr-style WordPress themes designed and developed for personal blogs,portfolio and other creative websites. Tumblr took the. Blogy includes unique theme features that are rarely found on other tumblr -like themes or any blogging themes offered in the market. It has a.

Microblogging platform and lazy book deal factory Tumblr introduced a "feature" yesterday called Tumblarity, a single convenient number that lets users know exactly how many terrible blogs are better than theirs. According to their staff.

Nov 1, 2014. Top 10 free blog sites like Tumblr: Who would have ever imagined that the blogging will get so much popularity that many new blogging sites will pop up regularly? It has become a play ground where competitors are trying their best to outperform their opponents with new exciting features. Blog wars are.

The Top Social Networking Sites People Are Using Are you using a dying social media network?

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Mar 23, 2015. Here are the best established and up-and-coming WordPress alternatives for websites and blogging, including IMCreator and Blogger. Stripping away all the scary backend of a blog platform, Tumblr makes it dead simple to share a blog post, video, photo, link or audio file. wordpress alternatives.

Tumblr will now let you search the site for full text rather than just tags, making it much easier to find exactly the kind of content you’re looking for on the blog site. In addition to full text enabled search, the site will also allow users to.

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Apr 16, 2014. But don't let that fool you: Many companies use Tumblr as the blogging platform of choice for their business needs. Blogger: Owned by Google, Blogger is one of the behemoths of the blogging site world. Hey, isn't everything Google owns? Like most of the other platforms, Blogger gives you a lot of creative.

You don’t need to publish 100 blog contents per day, for example, unless you’re an online publisher like BuzzFeed. Carefully develop breakthrough. up apps are.

May 12, 2012  · Wow, Pinterest’s porn section is fairly tame. I was just curious about the type of not-so-mommy-friendly content that might be popping up on what’s now.

And now some on the blogging site Tumblr are even asking. Some of the questions, like one asking what his brother, Ryan Lanza, would think of him, are answered somberly. "He’d probably be kind of shocked," the blog owners write as.

After signing up for a free account at, go to the Disqus Dashboard and click +Add next to Your Sites. Enter your Tumblr URL, blog name, and create a Site Shortname. You can skip the Disqus install instructions. Go to Click Appearance, and enter the shortname you just created in the Disqus Shortname.

As of February 2012, young Tumblr hosts 46.2 million blogs and more than 18 billion total posts. the inter-connected visual-based communities it spawns — it’s like one group, lightning-fast field trip to a vast, endless museum.

Moon Moon is a fictional wolf character that is portrayed as a mentally challenged outcast in the pack. On Tumblr, the character is often paired with silly interior.

Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today. Language: English Backlinks: 469,443 Alexa: 32 Most Popular In: United States (18) Web Safety: 91% Hits: 11139 Page Rank: 8 Last Checked: 7/16/2013. TumblrBlogLoveTumblelogBlog Tumblog.

Tumblr is a. blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger or TypePad. Tumblr does not currently offer a tool to download your blog to your PC, but two other tools are available that can assist you in downloading your blog. Type "site:your.